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Here for sale 1973 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst. Great vintage and lightweight strat from the early 70's. The neck has a fuller C chunky profile and plays great as have been re-fretted and set-up. It features Rory Gallagher CS pickups that have been taken out from the Fender Rory Gallagher's Signature Custom Shop Strat and they sound fantastic. I bought this set years ago from the gentleman from Germany who preferred noiseless Kinmans. The guitar has it's own vibe and it's a very special instrument that I have owned for a long time. The overall condition is very good and all the wear is natural. At some point in its life, it had a Gibson humbucker in the neck so there's a cutout. The weight is 3.3kg-7.3lbs so very nice for the era. It comes with a newer hard case.

1973 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst. Rory Gallagher CS pickups 3.3kg-7.3lbs