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Here for sale 2000's Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 30-Watt Guitar Amp Head Black. From top to bottom, the Bad Cat is 100 percent high-quality, including all-tube class A circuitry, point-to-point Teflon-coated wiring, resin-soaked transformers, welded steel chassis, 13-ply birch plywood cabinet. The Hot Cat is powered by two EL34s that produce 30 watts, four 12AX7s in the preamp and a 5AR4 rectifier. The rectifier tube circuit accepts three different types of tubes, and can also be switched to solidstate. The amp’s controls include clean volume, gain, edge, level (for the dirty input), active treble and bass, brilliance, and master volume. One of the more compelling functions of the single-channel Hot Cat is that it can replicate two-channel performance. Using an A/B switch, the amp’s 12AX7-based preamp affords overdrive loading via the “Clean” input, and sweep control of the overdrive using the alternate “Hi-gain” input. Sound can be shaped via the switchable tube rectifier design, or the solidstate rectifier circuit, which favors a harder edge, less compression, and more sustain. The degree of overdrive content, overdrive edge, compression, and attack/decay are easy to tailor. The amp was in storage for some time. It works fine but controls need some action and switches are a bit fiddly. It has some tear and wear from gigging and it's reflected in the price. The overall condition is good and it comes as pictured. Due to weight, I would prefer London collection but please contact me for a postage quote before you buy. Note this is a 220-240V voltage but can work with any step-down 110V transformer. 

2000's Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 Watt Guitar Amp Head Black

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