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Here for sale BluGuitar Amp 1 valve amp guitar pedal, with original gig bag. All the amps you need packed in a small box. Great piece of kit and it comes with a bag and box. What previously seemed to be a "mission impossible" has now become reality with the AMP1: a guitar amplifier that meets the demands of a professional guitarist on stage and in the studio, but is so small and light that you can always carry it with you in your glove compartment or gig bag. A wide range of sounds from Jazz to Metal in top quality, the enormous power and character of old tube amps without any loss or compromises in a compact housing, combined with a concept including all important functions and without unnecessary frills. Four expressive channels of pure tone paired with 100 watts of Pure Tube Tone Power! 

2010s BluGuitar Amp1 100-Watt Nanotube Pedalboard Guitar Amp