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Here for sale 2010s J. Rockett Lenny Overdrive guitar pedal. SRV in the box! It's in great condition and comes as pictured. The pedal has been designed to interact with your amp to create stunning blues overtones and add a touch of clarity. Use the tone control to adjust the EQ and either add clarity to your humbucking pickups or beef up your singlecoils. The boost works equally well as a solo boost or as a 'colour' pedal to give your clean or dirty tone that special something. Imagine this as an x-factor pedal that'll just take your current sound to the next level. Lenny was a happy accident. We set out to design a recreation of the legendary Dumble Steel String Singer but thought…who needs a loud, clean amp sound in a pedal? The guy that made the Steel String Singer come alive was none other than SRV. With that said, Lenny was born! It was our intention to create a Steel String Singer being pushed to create color, texture and feel versus just loud and clean. Simply put, this is a very musical boost that colors your tone considerably, in an inspiring way…kind of like a Neve console. There is a definite mid character, but boy does it cut through a mix!

2010s J. Rockett Lenny Overdrive guitar pedal