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Here for sale 2020s Hipshot Hipshot B Bender with Drop D Lever and G Palm Lever Gold. It's a great piece of kit and does all the country tricks. It's in very good condition and comes as pictured. This is the legendary Hipshot B Bender, with both an added Drop D lever for instant access to drop D tuning and a palm lever to bend the 3rd string up a whole or half step. Unlike some other bending systems, the Hipshot bender does not require routing of the body of your guitar, making the installation very straightforward. Although designed originally for Telecaster style guitars, the system has been successfully installed on other models too. Hipshot say: "With only a slight movement of your guitar, Hipshot accurately bends your second string ''B'' up a whole step''C#'' without interfering with your hand technique. Hipshot finger lever instantly lowers your 6th string ''E'' to low ''D'', effectively extending your bass range and giving you new chord voicings and licks otherwise impossible ! Automatically bends 3rd string ''G'' up to ''G#'' or ''A''. Low profile accommodates right hand technique. Play incredible double or triple bends and much more ."

2020s Hipshot B Bender with Drop D Lever and G Palm Lever Gold

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