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Here for sale 2021 Fender Pure Vintage '65 Stratocaster Pickup Set. This is a brand new set but has no box. The pickups measure B-5.96, M-5.93, N-5.89. No other pickups give you the powerful, clean and clear surf rock tones of mid-’60s Stratocaster guitars like dutifully constructed, meaty-sounding Pure Vintage ’65 Strat pickups. 65 pickups feature Enamel-coated magnet wire delivers warm vintage-style tones, Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics, Staggered polepieces balance volume and output across every string, Wax-potted, Period-correct cloth wire and fiber bobbin construction, Includes vintage white pickup covers. Comes as pictured.

2021 Fender Pure Vintage '65 Stratocaster Pickup Set

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