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Here for sale 2021 Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-I  Hardtail in Fiesta Red. Very versatile guitar and the finest Japanese build quality. It's in very good condition and comes with all the accessories.

Reminiscent of '60s Japanese and American-made electric guitars that were weird and wonderful in equal measure, the Trailbreaker pays homage to the vintage icons of that era with its charming offset body shape, JM-inspired bridge design and curvy aluminium control plate. However, a raft of contemporary enhancements give today's guitarists plenty to smile about — including a luxurious Maple/Walnut neck with a 'Modern D' profile and contoured heel, medium jumbo frets, a flexible set of custom-wound pickups from Magneto Design Lab, 'Variety Control Switches' that allow for intuitive tone-shaping, Gotoh locking tuners and even 'Luminlay' side markers!

Key Features

  • Lightweight Alder Body — Classic guitar tonewood with balanced timbral qualities; a perfect sonic foundation for the versatile pickup set.
  • 5-Ply Maple/Walnut Neck — Layered construction ensures rock-solid stability in changeable climates, with bright-sounding timbers and bolt-on joint yielding a fast and "snappy" note response.
  • Modern "D" Profile — Neutral shape caters for various playing styles; it’s not too thick, too thin, or too flat.
  • Medium Scale Length — Kalamazoo-inspired 24.75" scale gives the instrument forgiving string tension, for stress-free bending and wide vibrato.
  • Thin Urethane Finish - Allows the body to breathe for improved resonance, with slippery matte neck finish enhancing playability.
  • Contoured Heel — Effortless access to the higher register; all the way up to the 22nd fret!
  • Rosewood Fingerboard — Smooth and silky material that adds dark complexities into the tonal mix; featuring a comfortable 12" radius.
  • Medium Jumbo Frets — Modern size for a compliant feel and a thick boost in tone.
  • Luminlay Side Dots — Glow-in-the-dark markers will always let you know where you're at, even on the most ill-lit stages!
  • Halon Cold-Rolled Steel Bridge — Has a very low damping capacity, which ensures the best vibration transfer. Made in Greece to the highest of standards.
  • Oopegg Hardtail Plate — Maintains the elegant look of a classic '60s vibrato unit; sporting a cool etched Oopegg logo!
  • Gotoh Magnum Lock Tuners — Locking design secures the strings to makes changes fast and hassle-free. Less wraps are required around the posts too; improving tuning stability.
  • Oil-Bone Nut — Traditional, low-friction material minimises unwanted tuning slips and enhances sustain.
  • Magneto Design Lab Pickups — Custom, hand-wound pickups from the USA. Voiced to produce vintage-esque sounds blossoming with character and clarity.
  • Versatile Pickup Switching — Simple 3-way selector switch lets you isolate the neck and bridge pickups or combine the two, while the mini 3-way toggle allows you to add or "mix" the middle single-coil in to any of the main pickup positions, use it alone, or switch it off entirely.
  • Passive Capacitor Filter — Push/pull tone pot reduces the output of the bridge and neck pickups by 20-30%, yielding a thinner sound akin to a single-coil.
  • Volume Knob with Treble Bleed Circuit — Allows you to lower the instrument level without losing top-end bite.
  • Ultrasuede Handmade Strap — Made from a fine material that's highly abrasion-resistant and strong. Perfectly complements the guitar's colour!
  • Oopegg 'Business Class' Gig Case — Custom gig bag provides great protection; boasting a waterproof exterior, soft interior cushions and sizeable pockets for storing all of your guitar-playing essentials.

2021 Oopegg Trailbreaker Mark-I Hardtail in Fiesta Red