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Here is a custom made LsL/Tone Guard, Stratocaster® style aluminum pickguard. A beautiful and functional upgrade to your guitar! Will reduce noise caused by EMI all around us. Users report significant noise reduction and a warmer tone. This was Leos' secret for the original 1957 Straocaster®. Some users also report more resonance due the fact that metal transmits the string vibrations better that plastic. You too, will hear the difference! Authentic vintage specs: Made of .062 cold rolled aluminum sheet, vintage gold color. CNC cut for accuracy and hand finished to our specs by Tone-Guard. Other details: Grounding rings are built-in for tying it into your gounding set-up or leave the "green" rings on to isolate the guard from your circuit. 11 Counter Sunk Screw Mounting Holes. Fits Fender USA/MIM models, no Japanese or other models. This quality pickguard is in excellent condition and would fit any standard 11 hole type strat body.

Gold Anodised for Fender Stratocaster or Saticoy. Made by LSL 11-Hole Pickguard