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Here for sale JAM Pedals TubeDreamer+ Overdrive Tube Screamer TS808 TS9 guitar pedal (now discontinued)! Organic sounding overdrive made with carbon-comp resistors for pure vintage sound ! The TubeDreamer line is specifically aimed at getting you the sound and feel of a great, fine-tuned vintage tube amp, pushed to various degrees of overdrive. They all offer a lot more clarity than typical overdrive units. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be lost or buried ! The TD72 is the most transparent overdrive, made for those who need to keep the sound of their cranked amp unaltered but at a lower volume. The “secret” chip offers unique tone, throughout the range of gain and tone settings, and along with an asymmetrical clipping circuit it always remains absolutely responsive even to the most subtle nuances of your playing. An extended version of our TubeDreamer72 with a High Gain stage, the TD+ is tailored for those that need just a touch more gain than they can get from a typical overdrive. With the HighGain switch you can boost your TubeDreamer sound and depending on your gain setting, you can either achieve a thicker, creamier overdrive sound, or touch the limits of a sweet, fat distortion sound ! Comes as pictured. The photo is an actual item for sale.

Please contact me for EU shipping as there might be slight delays for some destinations, but sure can work something out.

JAM Pedals TubeDreamer+ Overdrive Tube Screamer TS808 TS9 guitar pedal