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Here for sale Suhr Badger 18 Amp in the unique Custom Western Black Tolex. Great sounding amp with power scaling down to 1 watt. It's in very good condition and comes with Suhr cover.The Badger series gives some of the best fender and british tones in a portable package. Power scaling allows you to play a stadium or quietly rock your bedroom. This 18-watt, all-tube amplifier offers a wide range of classic guitar sounds. Driven by a cathode biased EL-84 power section and features a 5Y3GT tube rectifier, the Badger 18 delivers a variety of warm, sparkling cleans and rich, dynamic overdrive tones. Whether playing a large stage, small club or your home studio Badger’s Power Scaling feature provides added flexibility. This makes it easy to dial in your ideal tone at any volume - from loud and cranked, all the way down to one watt. Please note this amp is a 220-240V version but can work with 110V (US and others) via step-up transformer (not included).

2010s Suhr Badger 18 Head Custom Western

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