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Here for sale TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Looper. It's in very good condition and comes as pictured. Revolutionary Delay and Looper which, along with TC's Hall of Fame, went toe to toe with Line 6's DL4 and then tore up and re-wrote the rulebook, and depending on what mood you're in, arguably won. There's and insane amount of functionality in this box, especially given that its only got one foot switch. It's built based on the tech that TC used in their legendary 2290 rack delay with 4 smooth as you like pots; Delay, Feedback, FX Level and Delay Type, of which there are 10 song with TC's signature TonePrint setting as the 11th which allows you to fully customise the delay via their TonePrint app, along witha switch to toggle between crotchet, quaver and alternating crotchet+quaver feedback modes. Has both mono and stereo ins and outs. As used by Tony Iommi (Black if I needed to say), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of The Stone Age), Steve Lukather (Toto). It's really an unbelievable pedal and compact enough to slot into a busy board without losing functionality. Pots are well spaced and smooth enough to be able (with a little practice) to sweep with your toe so you don't have to bend down to tweak. The delay is intuitive so that it will latch to your strumming without the need for a tap tempo function.

TC Electronic Flashback Delay & Looper